––––––––––––––––––––––IN PURSUIT OF A PERFECT DEMOLITION–––––––––––––––––––––––––––

The year 2013 has brought us much joy, seeing the consolidation supported in Mercantile Registration Number 21–491837–12 of a new company coming to Colombia. I am pleased to announce the founding of a company that is forcefully entering the national market. El Gordon Demolition S. A. S. has come to stay and fill a void in the sector of Colombian specialized services; this niche needed a fresh, innovative competitor to do high–quality work. Now, fortunately, we have him among us.

El Gordon Demolition has a qualified human team that has the experience necessary to perform excellent–quality work. This team trained in numerous education and updating programs in the United States. In this way, its directors have been influenced by the best names in demolition in the world, as are the founder of the studies to identify useless lots, “architect” Matta–Clark; the German expert in analysis and decomposition of structural systems, Professor Haacke; and the Lebanese master in communications and creation of imprecise coalitions, Mr. Raad. Likewise Professors Dra. Fusco and Dra. Geyer were exceptional guides in the training process, thanks to their extensive experience in the early detection of “theoretical” fissures and their subsequent systemic analysis, allowing the construction of an ascertained strategic plan for each project.

These famous personalities from the demolition world have been part of the comprehensive, state–of–the art training that will allow El Gordon Demolition to outperform its competitors in the provision of services and in the generation of informed clients, capable of seeing how inhabitable human structures are affected on a large scale. This company has participated in the most important business conferences to study the causes of the impact of changes in the city during times of extreme instability. Thus, it has been able to understand how those persons involved in the demolition process make decisions and who will be affected by them. In the field of work that includes the territorial metaphor and the studies of soil theories, the company has established its market focus.

To understand what El Gordon Demolition does, we have to detail its products and admire the parallel that exists between its projects and the events taking place in demolitions nationally. Remember! If you need to remove a wall, enlarge a room, modify your home or work environment, and even demolish a building completely, visit our Website www.elgordondemolition.com, which will guide you through the portfolio of services that this new company has.


Text by:
Camilo Leyva.
Bogota. 2013

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