“This House Isn’t Worth Anything; What Is Really Worthless Is the Lot”

With this intervention in Galería de La Oficina and in the house it occupies, I responds to the silent rumor, in which it was speculated that some time ago somewhere in that neighborhood, only the lot was sold where a house was built.

From this site specific installation, organized in the private area of the gallery, which until only a year ago was also the home of Alberto Sierra, Director and Founder of De La Oficina Gallery, I leaves a manifesto of how a space – the existence and conformation are threatened – could react. The house in mention was almost sold and, consequently, destroyed.

The different political campaigns, for the Presidency of the United States as well as for the “Yes” or “No” for the Peace Agreement in Colombia, were influential in the creation of this work. In this exhibition, home linens – that is, sheets, towels, tablecloths, etc. – are shown through a phrase embroidered on them against the possible scenario that the house is sold. I reuses the typical language of real – estate business and gives it a new meaning, which makes a sharp commentary to the contradiction of urban progress, which argues that spaces are only “worth” what can be developed on them in the future.

This House Isn’t Worth Anything; What Is Really Worthless Is the Lot. 2016
Site specific installation
Pablo Gomez Uribe